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Bullet Budget Accounting and Procedures Act
Bullet     1921
Bullet     1950
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Bullet Budget Process
Bullet     Senate Budget Committee
Bullet     Congressional Research Service
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Bullet Budget Functional Codes
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Bullet Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA)
Bullet     Eagle Eye CFDA Search
Bullet Search
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Disbursing Authority - Including Executive Order 6166 - 5 U.S.C. Sec 901 (Sec 4 Disbursement)
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Bullet Treasury Delegation of Disbursing Authority
Bullet   PDF Format
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 Clinger-Cohen Act
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Executive Branch Agencies & Commissions Internet Links
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Bullet Executive Branch Cabinet Departments
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Bullet FedCFO.Com
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Federal Account Symbols and Titles
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Bullet Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board
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Bullet Federal Financial Accounting:
Bullet  Standards
Bullet  Concepts
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Bullet Financial Management Milestones - A Visual History
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Bullet General Accounting Office
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Bullet General Services Administration
Bullet   Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR)
Bullet   Federal Travel Regulations
Bullet   Per Diem Rates
Bullet   Privately Owned Vehicle (POV) Mileage
Bullet   SmartPay
Bullet   State Department Foreign Travel Rates
Bullet   Treasury, Public Debt ARC - Travel FAQ
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Bullet Government Performance Results Act P.L. 103-62 - 31 USC 1101
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Bullet FSIO - Financial Systems Integration Office / JFMIP - Joint Financial Management Improvement Program
Bullet   JFMIP/FSIO - Core Accounting Requirements
Bullet   System Requirements Documents
Bullet   Framework for Federal Financial
        Management Systems - 2004

Bullet   Common Government-Wide Accounting
        Classification Structure (CGAC)

Bullet   Draft of the standard for funds control
Bullet   CGAC Exposure Draft
Exposure Draft of the Common Government
            -wide Accounting Classification Structure
            (PDF, Word)
     Bullet   Results of the accounting classification
            information survey (PDF, Word).
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Bullet Legislative Agencies Internet Links
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Bullet Office of Management and Budget
Bullet    Circulars
Bullet  Budget Circulars
Bullet  Financial Management Circulars
Bullet    Form and Content Reporting 
Bullet    President's Management Agenda (PMA)
Bullet    PMA - Scorecard
Bullet    Lines of Business
       Bullet    BFE LOB - Budget Formulation &
               Execution Line of Business

       Bullet    FM LOB - Financial Management Line of
       Bullet    FM LOB - Financial Management Line
Business Center of Excellence
Due Diligence Checklist
       Bullet    GM LOB - Grant Management Line of
       Bullet    HR LOB - Human Resources Line of
Bullet    FY07 Budget Formulation Unique
Identifiers (UPI) for E-Gov and
        LoB Initiatives
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Bullet Office of Personnel Management
Bullet   GS Salary Tables
Bullet  2005 Schedule   -   pdf format
        Bullet  2006 Schedule   -   pdf format
Bullet  2007 Schedule   -   pdf format
Bullet  2008 Schedule   -   pdf format
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Bullet National Debt
Bullet  Federal Debt - GAO
Bullet  National Debt - Treasury Department
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Bullet President's Commission to Study Capital Budgeting
Bullet     Executive Order 13037 dated March 3, 1997
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Bullet Plum Book
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Bullet Public Oversight Board
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Bullet Reconciling Fund Balance With Treasury I-TFM-Part 2-5100
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Bullet Federal Reports
Bullet     1974 - Arthur Andersen & Co. Consolidated
          Financial Statements
Bullet     1975 - First CFS _ Actuarial Liability - Note 11

Bullet     History of the Consolidated Financial
Actuarial Publications
Bullet     2007 AGA Citizen-Centric Report
Bullet     Treasury - Financial Report of the United
         States Government - Consolidated
         Financial Statements (CFS)

Bullet     A Citizen's Guide to the 2007 Financial
         Report of the United States Government

Bullet     History of the Consolidated Financial
Bullet     History of Medicare

Bullet     History of Social Security
Bullet     FDR Signing the Social Security Act - August
         14, 1935

Bullet     LBJ Signing the Medicare Act - July 30,1965
Bullet     LBJ Remarks at Signing of Medicare Act
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Bullet Social Security Act History
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Bullet Supplement to Reconciling Fund Balance With Treasury
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Bullet Standard General Ledger
Bullet  Approved Scenarios
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Bullet Standard General Ledger Approved Scenarios
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Bullet Standard General Ledger Reporting - T/L S2-07-02 (August 2007) & T/L S2-07-02 (July 2007)
Policy Governing the use of the SGL
Section I: Chart of Accounts (July 2008)
Bullet  Section II: Account Definitions (July
Bullet  Section III: Accounting Categories & Listings,
       Transactions, & T Accounts
       (July 2006)
Bullet  Section IV: USSGL Attributes for FACTS I
      and FACTS II Reporting (August 2007)
Bullet  Section V: USSGL Crosswalks to Standard
      External Reports for Fiscal 2007
      Reporting (August 2007)
Bullet  Section VI: USSGL Crosswalks to the
      Closing Package for Fiscal 2007 Reporting
      (August 2007)

Governmentwide Financial Report System
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Bullet TFM - Part 4 DISBURSING
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Bullet Treasury, Financial Management Service Home Page
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Bullet Treasury Financial Manual
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Bullet Treasury Financial Manual - Search
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Bullet 31 USC 1112. Fiscal, Budget, and Program Information Requirements
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Bullet FM Training
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Bullet US Federal Agency Web Sites
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Bullet Cash Management Made Easy Guidebook
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