Despite the fact that Chime currently has a huge number of ATMs all over the US, it still does not have cardless ATMs so you cannot withdraw money without a card. However, you can still use bank transfer via the mobile app to receive your Chime balance.

Many people from all over the United States are asking the same question – how to get money from Chime without card? Also some users want to know do Chime cardless ATMs exist and how to use it. So, if you don’t know how to withdraw money from Chime without card then keep reading because there are some ways you can use to get your money even if you don’t have a card.

Can I use my chime account without my card?

So if you want to know if you can withdraw money from Chime without a card, then the answer is no. There is currently no direct way to help customers withdraw cash from their Chime account without a card. Don’t be discouraged, however, as you still have a few ways that can help you use your Chime balance.

You may be aware that there are several options for how you can use your Chime balance. Explore the three best ones below.

How Do I Use My Chime Balance Without A Card?

  1. Bank transfer. Although you cannot withdraw money from Chime without a card, you can still order a bank transfer. All you need to do this is open the Chime app on your phone, go to the money transfer section and select transfers. Follow the instructions on the screen to transfer all available money from your Chime account to your bank account.
  2. Chime to Chime transfer. If you cannot withdraw money from Chime without a card, this does not mean at all that you cannot transfer your balance to the account of a relative or friend. Once you have done this, you can withdraw cash and use it however you like.
  3. Shopping on the Internet. Another excellent way how you can use your Chime money is to shop online with a Chime Visa debit card. However, it is important to note that in order to use this method, you must remember your card details. Also remember that Chime debit cards are supported by Visa, which means you can use your Chime card if Visa is accepted as a payment method.

Is It Possible To Withdraw Money From Chime If I Don’t Have A Card?

You probably know that Chime has a huge number of ATMs, but none of them will help you get money without a card. Thus, in order to withdraw money, you must have an activated Chime debit card. However, remember that you can still use the 3 above methods to get money from Chime or spend it.

Do Chime Cardless ATMs Exist?

Before answering this question, let’s take a closer look at the information about what a cardless ATM is.

A cardless ATM is a kind of service that allows customers to withdraw cash without a debit card. Currently, such ATMs are becoming more and more popular, however, in order to withdraw money without a card, you need a mobile offer. Of course, not all banks offer such a service as it is only gaining popularity. However, more and more banks are creating their mobile offerings to help their customers withdraw money without a physical debit card. However, are there Chime cardless ATMs?

At the moment Chime does not have ATMs without a card, so you cannot use this method of cash withdrawals. Moreover, the Chime mobile app does not have such a service either. However, this is most likely not so important as you can still use the mobile app to transfer funds to your bank account.