First, examine the secondary forms of ID that you can use to verify your identity, and then look at other options for cashing a check without ID.

Best Options how to cash a check without ID

People from time to time are faced with the loss or theft of their ID, which often leads to a number of problems and complications of common tasks such as cashing a check. Unfortunately, a large number of the check cashing establishment ask people to provide government-issued ID before cashing a check. Thus, without your ID, you will have to face some difficulties. However, there are several methods that can help you cash a check even if you do not have an ID at the moment. However, first, learn why you need an ID to cash a check, what types of IDs are required, and how to cash a check without an ID.

Can you cash a check without an ID?

Most people want to know the answer to the question of whether you really need to provide an ID in order to cash a check, and the answer is yes. Often times, places that provide check cashing, such as check cashing stores and banks, require an ID before cashing a check and this is mandatory. Even if you cash your check at Walmart, you will be required to provide proof of identity. It doesn’t matter where you do it, at the checkout or Walmart MoneyCenter, you must provide a valid ID such as passport, state driver’s license, photo ID, tribal ID, etc. However, why do banks and shops ask for an ID?

First of all, providing an ID helps prevent the possibility of fraud and identity theft, so providing an ID before cashing a check is done for your own safety. Moreover, there is the USA Patriot Act, which requires companies that conduct certain types of financial transactions to request identification.

What kind of identification can I provide?

Of course, before cashing a check, it is important to know what type of ID is required for cashing checks. There are many ID forms and below you can explore the main ones:

  • Passport
  • U.S. visa
  • State-issued photo learner’s permit
  • State-issued photo driver’s license
  • State-issued photo ID
  • Military photo ID

Surely you understand that your ID should be valid, so a person with an expired ID will not be able to cash the check. Of course, there are other IDs that may be accepted depending on the financial institution, store location, and more.

Can I cash a check with a non-government issued ID?

As already mentioned, you would rather not use other types of identity verification, depending on the specific bank or store you are applying to. There are some kinds of uncommon ID types that are also government-issued. Surely you know that secondary forms of ID can include those IDs that are issued by an employer, school or other entity. However, can you cash a check with that ID?

Banks and other organizations often accept secondary IDs, however you are profitable to provide 2 forms of secondary ID in order for you to complete the transaction. However, while you can cash a check without the commonly requested ID types, you will most likely have to present a document from the government. What secondary ID types can you use?

  • Employment photo ID
  • College photo ID
  • Foreign driver’s license photo ID
  • Welfare photo ID
  • Permanent resident photo card
  • U.S. birth certificate

How to cash a check without ID?

As mentioned, if you cannot provide an ID then it can be difficult to cash a check, however there are several options that you should look out for.

  1. Bank’s mobile check cashing app

This is one of the fastest and most convenient methods and should be used if you are currently unable to provide an ID. If you have a bank account with a mobile application for cashing checks, then everything will be quite simple. Download the app to your mobile phone and sign up for online banking. After opening the application, follow the instructions where you will need to confirm, take a photo and deposit your check through the application.

  1. Signing the check to the authorized person

Another option that you can use if you need to quickly cash a check is to ask a relative or a friend to cash your check as a third party. Thus, you will have to sign the check over to the person you have chosen, and he will receive the money for you. It is, of course, important that this person is someone you can trust.

However, not all places allow you to cash out a third-party check due to possible fraud. In some places that allow checks to be cashed in this way, you may be asked to sign the check in front of a bank or store employee and provide a valid photo ID.

  1. Reloadable prepaid card

Such cards are another alternative option for transferring money without the need to provide government identification. These cards work the same way as bank-issued debit cards, but instead of a bank account, you will be transferring money onto the card. You can find such a card at one of the stores such as Walmart, Walgreen and CVS. After purchasing the card, you will need to activate it. It’s easy enough, you just need to follow the instructions. However, it is important to note that not all reloadable prepaid cards can be activated without an ID.

  1. Online Mobile Check Cashing App

Even if your bank does not have a check cashing application, you can still cash checks using the online application. There are several such apps, and in order to start using them you have to create a user profile, link an account and take a photo of your check. If you urgently need to cash a check, then for a certain fee you will get access to money. In other cases, you will have to wait 10 days.