You probably heard of the line, “Money is the root of all evil”. Do you believe that?

If we watch movies, news, or even our own relationships, that can be true, but I would say, not at all times. In fact, proper spending can make one’s life happier, content, and peaceful. Most problems are money-related, thus, if there’s good financial management that would be applied in our daily lives, that quote would be untrue.

I have this friend from Europe who shared with me that back in grade school, they had a subject on saving up money. According to her, during the start of the school year, they were asked to think of something big that they want to buy once the school year ends. Hers was a bicycle. She had to save an amount every day from her allowance just so she can afford the said bike. And she was able to. Isn’t it great that early on, they were taught not to be impulsive buyers? Not only they were taught that patience is a virtue, but about postponement gratification. I wish I had that subject, too, then.

It’s better late than never, we can still learn about good money management techniques. Said techniques are here :

· School – if you take a management course, it could help a lot

· Experiences – whether you lose or gain some money there will always be a lesson or two to be learned

· Environment – your parents or any adult at home may influence your spending. Lucky for you if these adults are good at it and are willing to teach you how and through

· Financial advisors – they will teach you to have a more secure future.

There are registered Financial Advisors or Consultants who offer a free consultation. Fortunately for me, hubby and I have our own financial advisor who happens to be a friend since way back. I started quite late though, I was already married when we decided to have a meeting with her. And it was prior to buying our house just to make sure we were doing the right thing. It is best to set up an appointment with them anytime.

Now is always the best time, they say. The younger we are, the better. When we are still single, or prior to acquiring properties or having any huge expense, it will be a big help to get inputs from these experts. Like what we did.  It is overwhelming sometimes to spend or to budget money. Having a consultant before doing so, will be an intelligent move. It is a personalized approach and all your questions will be answered by them. That way, you will be more confident and at ease every time there is a big expense coming up. And most importantly, you get to prepare for a more secure future for yourself and your loved ones. This is a life skill that is worth learning and sharing with the next generation.

During these uncertain times, one thing is certain, we will always need money to survive. And what better way to do it is to learn to make Money our friend, not the other way around.