If you have two good credit cards, and you’re paying a decent percentage of your income for it, then your debt-to-equity ratio doesn’t have to be too high to keep you from getting deeper in debt.

If you have a credit card that offers a nice amount of introductory interest for a while, then you may not have to pay too much attention to your debt-to-equity ratio.

You can get a debt-to-equity ratio of 3.0% if you need to pay off about $10,000, or 4.0% if you need to pay off $5,000.

A debt-to-equity ratio of 7.0% may be the ideal if you need to pay roughly $20,000 off your loan.

If you have very high debts, and you may want to pay extra money to pay them off – if you can afford it – that might be your decision.

The ideal ratio of 3.0% is just the number you need to meet the minimum for a personal loan.

If you can afford the higher debt-to-equity ratio, consider an auto loan instead.

For a car loan, you can have a debt-to-equity ratio of 1.5% if you need to pay roughly $12,000 off your loan.

I have seen many people buy a car or a truck in a year and then sell it in the summer.

Can i get a second car loan if i already have one?

Hello All,I am in the process of buying my dream house and in order to do so i need the loan for the first car.My first car is a 2005 Nissan 350z.I already have a loan (my dad gets it) but i need a new car for my personal use.How long should it take a bank to approve the loan for me?What can i do to increase my chances of getting approved?

Hi I have just got my own home at the end of last week, I have been unemployed for over 5 years, I have been unemployed for almost 4 years and my income has been falling off. But i still got my first mortgage of £824 p/w and that was in the first year of my home loan. Now I really need the money and I have done everything I could in the bank and with my mum and dad. I would appreciate it if someone could please reply and give me a advise on how to proceed? Thanks

I am in the process of getting a home loan and I have only got £600 left in my bank account. I am currently unemployed for over a year due to my job being moved overseas for 3 months. My landlord is refusing to approve me for a mortgage and I do not want to give up my home whilst I am unemployed. Should I ask for a mortgage on my own or is it more complicated to get my own mortgage? What should I do?

Hello I just wanted to say thanks for the tips and encouragement for me.

I am struggling with credit and trying to get a new job. I lost my job a year ago. I have been in debt

Can you have 2 car loans in your name?

I have a car and I don’t know if I can have two loans in my name or not, so can I have two loans or just one?

No I just want to get a car, then I will go about the business of life.

I would much rather pay something less then pay more to a company.

Also are the loans taken out in your name or your spouse’s name?

I am married and I just put two in my name.

You can have them taken out in your wife’s name, and I would advise against it. This is when the wife has more debt than the husband, and it’s the wife’s responsibility to pay off the interest, not the husband’s.

I would not recommend it. I had 2 auto loans with my credit in my name and one with my wife’s name on the title. I ended up paying for them with my credit union card instead of what was owed to them.

You cannot have two car loans in a person’s name unless you take them out in one’s husband’s name.


I am married and I just put two in my name.

I see that. My husband already has one car and one vehicle and I put two in his name to make it look as though one is another one.

You cannot have two car loans in a person’s name unless you take them out in one’s husband’s name.

You have to find a way to take some of the fees off.

The two loans that I took out in my husband’s name were interest free

Can you have 3 car loans?

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Do most families have 2 car payments

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Can you put two car loans together?


Can you have two car loans with bad credit

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See Tex. Ins. Code Ann. § 9.402(b)(3) (Vernon 2009).

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Can i get a second car loan if i already have one

car loan?

<hacker_kid> you are still under car loan?

<Crazytom> but i’m not in the market for new cars

<Crazytom> but maybe

<Crazytom> i guess it could’ve worked

<Crazytom> lol

<hacker_kid> its not an issue for me.. I was getting a second car loan.. and i lost my car.. luckily he lent me the money for another car as well..

<Crazytom> lol

<Crazytom> yeah, i know

<Crazytom> thats why i’m trying to get away from that

<Crazytom> i dont want to get stuck with a car loan

<hacker_kid> it is not an issue is what you have said

<hacker_kid> that is how i got it.. i got into a loan.. and i already have a car..

<Crazytom> lol

<Crazytom> i was actually thinking about getting a second car loan if i got a job

<Crazytom> but for what its worth, it wouldnt be that big of a deal

<hacker_kid> my car isnt worth anything for about $3,000.. the car is in a shop..

<Crazytom> hmm

<Crazytom> i gotta look into that

<hacker_kid> but thats not what im trying to figure out.. i dont know how to pay the $3,000.. its not like i dont have enough to pay..

Can you refinance 2 cars at the same time

The purchased cars are already in our possession.

  1. The Mortgage Payment on the Furnished Car.

Purchased cars have a ‘buy down’ option.

If you do not apply for the ‘buy down’ option, you have to pay an interest of

15% in exchange for the car (after the car has been sold). This is to protect you

to buy again if the car is not selling (if you have to buy back


The apparently unimportant fact is that your car is still in the ‘buy down’

option. You will pay 15% interest, which is tied to the purchased car value

(after the ‘buy down’ option has been applied).

As the purchaser, you are entitled to take any purchases, including remotional or additional purchases (or car for any other reason).

How to get approved for a second car loan

You’ve bought a used car, but you need a new one soon. What happens next?

You apply for a second car loan. It’s quite easy if you can afford it. You use the same credit card – with an approved second car loan. You also need to have a credit rating of good (or better) to get approved for a second car loan.

The minimum credit score for a car loan is 300. A good credit rating is needed to get approved for a second car loan, too. That’s because a bad credit report is a reason to look at other options for a loan.

First of all, you need to find this credit score. As we said above, if you can afford a new car, you’ll use your credit card or the second car loan.

It’s not mandatory to have a good credit rating anymore, but you should at least have one.

Then, go to your credit report. It takes a while to look at your credit reports, and you need to do it regularly. There are other reports like your bankruptcy status and a debt collection report, but you can get a free credit report from one of the credit agencies.

If you have a bad credit report, you’ll need to pay interest on the loans you’re applying for. This means that you’ll be paying for the loans if it’s already taken out.