Usually, people get pets, not for the sake of profit, but “for the soul.” And when it comes to the “soul”, it is not customary to think about money. But the reality, as always, is more complicated. Yes, there was a time when cats and dogs ate mice and their master’s leftovers. But now a hungry unkempt pet is just as unthinkable as a poorly dressed child.

According to statistics, 67% of Americans are happy owners of a pet, and the rest, most likely, are thinking about buying one.

However, keeping an animal is not as easy as it seems, and often requires a lot of time and money. Starting from the purchase itself, ending with care, surgeries, and paying veterinary bills – all this is quite financially costly.

Of course, the largest percentage of the cost of maintaining a pet is spent on food, but you should be prepared for other unexpected expenses as well.

If you have been dreaming of a pet for a long time, but if there is no financial opportunity, then you can take advantage of the offer of a non-bank company and take pet financing. Almost every US citizen can get this type of loan and use it for all necessary dog finance without reporting to the lender.

What is pet finance?

A pet loan in non-bank organizations is a personal loan that is issued to a client for any purpose. With this loan, you can get up to $35,000 and pay it back within 60 months.

When considering an application for a pet loan, the lender considers each application individually, which gives you the opportunity to get pet loans even with a bad credit history and with a minimum of formalities.

Dog loans also do not require any collateral, so all you need is your ID card and proof of income. If you have other unforeseen expenses and you plan to use part of the money from the pet loan for other needs, it does not matter, because you can use the loan for any purpose.

Let’s see what kind of animals Americans mostly have in the diagram below:

pet loans

Thus, we can conclude that dogs are the most common pet in the United States, so dog financing is the most common.

How to get financing for dogs via the Internet?

Applying for puppy financing online is extremely simple, and it can be done by virtually every user who has a device with Internet access. Usually, the whole thing takes only a few minutes, without unnecessary queues and wasting time traveling to the facility.

What does the application for pet loans online look like?

  1. Find an offer that interests you. It is worth using the online loan rankings for this purpose!
  2. Choose the amount of financing that suits you and the time to pay off.
  3. Complete the application with the relevant information. They must be consistent with the facts.
  4. Confirm your identity with the information contained in your ID card.
  5. Send the application and wait for the lender’s response.

It does not take long for the lenders to process the application, and the response to the form sent usually reaches the client within a few minutes. A relevant message sent to the customer’s e-mail address or telephone number contains information on whether dog financing will be granted and what its conditions may be. All the most important information is contained in the concluded contract, so read it carefully.

Pet loan requirements

To apply for dog financing, you need to provide

  • valid ID card;
  • proof of income;
  • S. citizenship and current place of residence in the U.S.;
  • phone number, e-mail and American bank account.

Puppy financing for bad credit

Many people reporting to lenders do not have creditworthiness due to debt, which is already visible in debtor databases. Due to the fact that banks refuse such people loans, they are looking for other entities that will be willing to help them in a more difficult period of life. However, it should be mentioned that pet loans for bad credit are associated with a much greater risk for granting entities, therefore they usually involve higher costs.

A lot of people are not aware that there are institutions on the market that do not check the credit history. Even if such entities check the creditworthiness, it does not necessarily have an impact on the final decision. Such institutions do not avoid people who have a bad credit history, unlike classic loan and credit institutions. A pet loan for bad credit is addressed to people who:

  • have no creditworthiness,
  • have an account taken by a bailiff,
  • have a bad credit history.

Puppy financing – costs

As mentioned above, Americans generally prefer dogs, so you should pay attention to the average prices for puppies in the United States.

Labrador Retriever800 $
French Bulldog2 800 $
Golden Retriever1 000 $
German Shepherd800 $
Poodle1 000 $
English Bulldog2 500 $
Beagle550 $
Rottweiler1 150 $

From the table above, we can conclude that both short-term and long-term financing a dog is suitable for the purchase and further maintenance of a pet:

  • payday loans – short-term loans that are issued for a period of 30-60 days in the amount of up to $ 1,000. This type of loan is paid in one go.
  • installment loan – the advantage of this loan is the fact that you pay it in installments every month for up to 36 months. The amount of such a loan – from $1,000 to $5,000.
  • personal loans – in essence, they are no different from installment loans, but are issued for up to 60 months and for up to $35,000.

Puppy financing – summary

People who are interested in an online pet loan must provide data on current income and monthly expenses when completing the information form. As responsible lenders, non-bank institutions strives not to charge customers with costs that may exceed their home budget. Therefore, these companies on the market allow you to extend the loan repayment period. Customers who, for various reasons, are unable to pay their debts, after paying a certain amount, may extend the payment term tailored to their needs. On the other hand, those who do not use this option and at the same time fail to meet the deadlines, must take into account additional obligations and a debt collection fee.

In summary, online loan dogs have many advantages:

  • minimum formalities,
  • a quick loan can be extended many times,
  • individual approach to client,
  • performing all online procedures without leaving home,
  • no need to send documents,
  • no costs whatsoever when receiving the first loan,
  • larger loan amounts for regular customers.

Non-bank pet loans taken over the Internet are a great opportunity to quickly, efficiently and easily get cash for your dream pet. There is one condition – responsible “borrowing” amounts for sums whose real repayment within the prescribed period will not be a problem for our household budget.