1. Cab

The service is in demand, so you can earn decent money. Even considering the competition.
The easiest way to start working as a cab driver is to sign a contract with a dispatcher service and receive orders through a mobile app. There are thousands of people working this way today. You will need a smartphone and a GPS navigator (even old-timers in megacities don’t know all the streets). Some services require you to install a taximeter.

Dispatching service for their services take a fixed fee or a percentage of the order. In the early days, when the day it turns out a little trip, more profitable calculation of the percent. With the growth of the customer base can go to a fixed fee: it will be several times less than 2-3% of all orders.
Another option – to work as a cab driver officially. To do this, you need to register as an individual entrepreneur and obtain a license. Here you have to pay tax every month. Nothing but additional costs, it does not give anything, so that at the beginning does not make sense. You can only fine a cab driver for driving without a license if you put a disguised policeman in his car. Such cases are single.

Standing on curbs is not profitable now. Most people have already realized that calling a cab by phone is cheaper. The Internet is available everywhere, and even a tourist in an unfamiliar city can easily find the numbers of local services or use an app.


  • Above-average income.
  • Free schedule.
    No start-up investment.
  • New acquaintances.
  • The ability to combine with your main activity.


  • High mileage, fast wear and tear of the car, repair costs.
  • Instability of the income, which depends on a time of day, a season.
  • Risk of getting a criminal or inadequate passenger in the car.

2. Courier delivery

Now the delivery of ready-made meals from restaurants is very popular, and it is an interesting option for work or part-time work. In the services of the courier are also interested in stores of flowers, gifts, various online stores. You can carry everything that will fit in the car, which means there are enough options even for a passenger car.
Payment is usually piecework: you get money for each completed order, plus compensation for expenses on fuel. There are options and with hourly pay. True, there is also an unpleasant point: the delivery is often given a certain time, for late fines, and for regular – dismissed. A good knowledge of the city will help.


  • Different pay options: piecework, hourly.
  • Full-time and part-time work to choose from.
  • A wide range of cargo.


  • Income is below average.
  • Penalties for lateness.

3. Personal driver

Here you can get a high income. It all depends on the individual arrangement with the employer. The car must be at least with air conditioning and electric windows. To work for a high-level manager or a wealthy businessman will require a car of executive class. Of course, it is necessary to comply with the subordination, to be polite, to monitor the cleanliness and technical condition of the vehicle.

The higher the salary, the greater the demands.

Sometimes looking for a driver and bodyguard in one person, this option will suit former military or athletes.

The work implies a non-standardized schedule: you may have to follow the person in the early morning or at night. The relationship with the employer is a key factor. If they are close to friendly, the work will bring both money and pleasure.


  • Above-average income.
  • Flexible schedule.
  • Opportunity to make friends with an influential person.


  • Need to be available at all hours of the day and night.
  • Compliance with the subordination.

4. Renting for celebrations

Executive cars are difficult to rent out to a cab company or a carriage company because of the high price and expensive maintenance. Such a car is more likely to be in demand at weddings and celebrations. You can earn more in a couple of hours than you would in a cab for a whole day. A bonus is the lower mileage.

Customers are not easy to find, so at first you should not count on daily employment. To attract customers, you can use all available means: the Internet, printing, flyers in the registers (you can offer the institution’s employees a percentage for advertising).


  • Daily revenue for a couple of hours of work.
  • Low mileage.
  • Ability to combine with the work in a cab.


  • Difficulties with finding clients.
  • The need to have a car class C or higher.

5. Traveling Together

If you often travel from one city to another, you can take along hitchhikers who can help you cover your travel expenses and even earn a little money. To find passengers, it is convenient to use special services, where you only need to register, specify data about yourself and the planned route of the trip.

In contrast to the random hitchhikers on the highway, in such services the risk of running into dubious characters is minimized. Each user has his own rating and reviews, which you can view and decide whether to take the person or not.


  • Virtually passive income.
  • The ability to combine with your main job.


  • Not very big earnings.

6. Driving instruction

You can work as a driving instructor for hire or independently. In any case, a proven driving experience of not less than 3 years is required.

According to the DLS Basic provisions on the admission of vehicles to service and the responsibilities of officials to ensure road safety, the training car must be equipped with dual clutch and brake pedals, as well as an additional rearview mirror for the instructor. All of this can be installed at a major service station. A training car must be clearly visible in traffic, and driving without the inscription “Training” and triangular stickers with the letter “U” on the front and rear is prohibited. Casco will save you from losses in case of an accident with a student at the wheel. The responsibility in this case lies upon the instructor, and you will not be able to claim any compensation.

In the case of the device in a driving school, all the trouble of finding clients falls on it. The workload may be different (usually less in winter), and the schedule is flexible.

If you work independently, you will have to look for clients. You can do this without a large investment: social networks, printed publications, business cards. It is useful to know the prices of private driving lessons and at first put a little below the average market.

More and more students prefer automatic transmission, so that the manual will be harder to find their customers.

With a constant flow of students, the private instructor earns more than the instructor driving school, while having a part-time job. Learning to drive, like any other, requires exposure, the ability to explain in an accessible way and encourage. Knowing the basics of psychology comes in handy, too.


  • Above-average income.
  • Flexible schedule.


  • Retrofitting the car.
  • Seasonal fluctuations in demand.
  • Minimum pedagogical knowledge and skills required.

7. Towing and Recovery

Not all drivers are able to recognize a malfunction and fix the car, especially in emergency situations. If you know a lot about cars, not a bad way to earn money would be to provide technical assistance on the road. To find customers is easiest to use bulletin boards.

With a set of tools and parts you can easily perform minor repairs such as tire fitting, car cigarette lighter with a dead battery and other problems, and in the extreme case – to tow cars to the nearest service. People don’t miss an opportunity to save money, and auto assistance services are much cheaper than calling a tow truck.


  • Free schedule.
  • Ability to combine with other work.


  • Unstable earnings.

8. Advertising on the car

The easiest source of passive income. It is enough to stick advertising images or inscriptions and drive around the city, for which the advertiser pays. The amount depends on the pasted area.

The main requirement is a certain mileage every day, because the more the car rides, the more people will see the advertisement. But this does not mean that you have to sit behind the wheel from morning till night. Some advertisers put a norm of only 30 km.


  • A source of passive income.
  • Opportunity to combine with other auto work.


  • Unaesthetic look of the car.
  • Difficulties in renting such a car.

Some of the ways listed are realistic to combine. For example, work in a cab and service of solemn events. Advertising on the car and renting refer to the sources of passive income and allow you to get money without breaking away from the main activity. Choose any convenient option depending on your skills, employment and desire.