Explore basic options to help you get quick funding, such as garage sales, tutoring, house cleaning, and more.

There are many things why people might need $ 300: maybe you want to buy drugs, pay utility bills, or make an urgent purchase. However, it may not always be easy to find the right type of income in order to get $ 300. Explore the proposed options and perhaps one of them will help you get the necessary funding as quickly as possible:

  1. Pet sitting and walking

If you love animals and outdoor activities, then this job may be the perfect option for you. There are a huge number of websites to help you find people in your area looking for pet sitters and walkers. What’s more, you can walk multiple dogs at the same time and get up to $ 25 per dog! Thus, if you want to quickly get $ 300, then it will not be difficult for you and will not take more than a week.

  1. Freelance

Since almost everyone has a skill in which he is good, he can find work for which other people are willing to pay money. Often this is precisely an online job, such as a graphic designer, article writer, video editor, tutor, and so on. Now there are more and more vacancies, so it won’t be difficult for you to find a job and get $ 300. On most freelance sites, you can provide services such as proofreading, article writing and editing, logo creation and design, application development, ad launching, email management, and a host of other tasks.

  1. Virtual assistant

Another type of work that you can do online is a virtual assistant. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, more and more people are looking for virtual assistants to help them with small tasks. Typically, a virtual assistant will sort mail, book hotels or plane tickets, make appointments, and do other paperwork. Thus, you do not even have to go anywhere since you can do the work while sitting at home!

  1. Rent a room

If you live in an apartment or house and you have one or more spare rooms, then getting an additional $ 300 will never be a problem for you, especially if you live in a tourist area. Typically, you will be able to get around $ 65 per night. This way, you have a great opportunity to get the cash you need without having to do anything.

  1. Resale on eBay

Another option you can use to get additional funding is to resell new items on eBay. So you have to find great deals, sales, discounts and so on, and buy these products and then resell them on eBay at the regular price.

  1. Online tutoring

Due to the pandemic, online tutoring has become one of the most popular types of income in our time. Tutors help students to strengthen knowledge in a particular area, for example, mathematics, English, biology, and so on. Some people are looking for tutors because their children missed school material due to illness, others are trying to improve their skills. You may use Zoom, Skype and FaceTime for this. Also, the advantage of this type of earnings is that you can make your own schedule and have as much students as you want. If you start tutoring you can get from $ 10 to $ 20 per hour, but experienced tutors get up to $ 50 per hour.

Moreover, if you are good at playing a musical instrument, drawing, cooking or so on – you can also teach this and get paid for it!

  1. House cleaning

Recently, fewer and fewer people want to clean their home on their own, as they prefer to spend their free time with family and friends. Moreover, now there are a huge number of cleaning companies that are ready to provide their services. If you want to get $ 300 quickly then cleaning will be an easy and quick option for you as you can get about $ 25- $ 50 per hour. Thus, it is recommended to analyze the prices of cleaning companies in your city and reduce the price of your services so that you can get regular customers and easily earn $ 300 on regular basic.

  1. Babysitting

Almost every person has a friend who needs a nanny for his child. This work is one of the most popular when a person wants to get additional funding. Thus, if you get along with children, then this job will be a good option for you. However, remember that this work is quite hard since you are responsible for this child to his parents.

  1. Garage sale

Surely you understand that each of us has a large number of things that he no longer uses, ranging from old players, phones and other electronics to clothes, jewelry and more. If your belongings are in good condition, you can always sell them and get extra cash to cover your needs. What’s more, you can also sell all your items online.

  1. Handyman

Do you know how to fix sinks and lawn mowers, paint walls, hang shelves? If you are a jack of all trades then you will never be left without earning as a huge number of people are looking for handymen to perform various jobs. The cost of your services may be different depending on the complexity and time of work, but you can easily get $ 300 in a few days. Ask your friends, maybe some of them need help with repairing something, and if you do your job well they will recommend you to their friends.