At the moment you cannot file unemployment in two states as it is illegal. If you do decide to do this, you will have problems with the unemployment investigation authorities and will have to pay heavy penalties.

If I Live In One State And Work In Another, Where Do I File Unemployment?

Recently, such requests on the Internet as “collecting unemployment while working in another state”, “work in one state live in another unemployment” and “out of state unemployment” have increased dramatically. Thus, more and more people want to know where to file unemployment. If you are facing the same problem, keep reading for more details.

Do I Apply Unemployment Where I Live Or Where I Work?

In fact, the answer to the question “do you file unemployment where you live or work” is quite simple. So, if you live in one state and work in another, then you must file unemployment in the state where you work. You should also pay attention to the fact that in most states you can apply both online and by phone, which is very convenient for most people. If you lose your job and move to another state the rule stays the same, but the process varies from state to state. However, why should you file unemployment in the state where you work?

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, you must apply for unemployment in the state where you work. If you have worked in a different state from where you currently live, or if you have worked in several states, you should contact the state unemployment insurance agency (where you currently live). This way you will be able to get information on how to file your claim with other states. As a rule, the process is quite simple and each state’s unemployment agency site has a customer support number for all your questions.

Can You File Unemployment In Two States?

Many people also know though whether it is possible to file unemployment in two states. Unfortunately, not, as it is illegal. However, you should note that you may be able to combine wages from the two states (where you worked) in order to be able to receive a higher benefit amount every week. To learn more about this, you should speak with a representative from the unemployment office in the state where you live. However, what can you run into if you decide to file unemployment in two states?

As already mentioned, unemployment in two states at the same time is a fraud. Also, you yourself must understand that the money that you want to receive in one state can help another person who has recently lost his job. Thus, since it is illegal, you run the risk of facing high penalties (if the unemployment investigation authorities find out about this).

Where Do I Find Unemployment If I Moved To Another State?

If you often ask the question “can you collect unemployment if you move out of state” then the short answer is yes. There is currently no requirement that you must live in the state responsible for paying your benefits (it doesn’t matter while applying or while collecting). However, in the event that you are already collecting, then you should notify the state (which pays you unemployment benefits) of your new address. This way, you can continue to apply through that state’s website even if you move to another state.

However, if you have already moved and want file unemployment, you must do so in the state where you worked.

How To File Unemployment?

You probably know that state unemployment agencies often administer claims both by phone and online, so the process is quite simple. Thus, all you need to do is visit your state’s unemployment agency and file your claim. Also, if you need, then on the site you can find the consumer service number and ask all your questions.