A gift card is usually a prepaid card that may or may not be linked to a bank account. While some cards are for a fixed value and non-reloadable, you will still be able to reload gift cards such as MasterCard gift cards and others.

Prepaid Cards On Venmo

Now there are a huge number of different financial options for people around the world, so sending and receiving money has become as simple as possible. People use Cash App, Google Pay, Venmo and more to make the process as comfortable as possible for themselves. However, prepaid cards as well as gift cards is also a valid payment method in our tech world.

So, if you’re using Venmo and have a Visa gift card or prepaid card, you probably want to know if Venmo accepts them. Keep reading for more details.

Can You Use Prepaid Cards On Venmo?

So, if you want to know does Venmo takes prepaid or gift cards, then the answer is yes! You’ll be happy to know that this payment app allows users to link bank accounts, credit cards, debit cards and just about any other payment methods in order to make transactions. Thus, you can easily add both a Visa gift card and a classic MasterCard prepaid card. So, after you add new payment methods to your Venmo account, you will be able to make purchases using them. However, remember that you still have the option to pay with your Venmo balance if you receive a direct deposit from anyone.

Can You Use Visa Gift Card On Venmo?

While it’s easy to add a bank debit card and link it to your Venmo account, gift cards can be tricky. The fact is that there are a huge number of different gift cards on the market, some of which are for a fixed value and non-reloadable. However, you will be able to reload gift cards such as MasterCard gift card, Walmart Visa branded gift card, Vanilla Visa Gift Card, Secure Spend Gift Card and so on.

Also, you should keep in mind that a gift card is usually a prepaid card that may or may not be linked to a bank account, and is often intended for one-time use only. Venmo currently allows you to link debit, credit cards and also prepaid and branded cards which are registered under your name, as a payment method.

Important! You should note that cards may be rejected by the card issuer or Venmo due to availability of funds or fraud prevention reasons. It is also worth noting that some cards require your zip code to be linked to your account. It’s also worth noting that some cards only allow you to spend at certain merchants, so they may not support adding Venmo as a payment method. That’s why you have to remember that some cards work great with Venmo, while others cause certain problems.

How To Add Gift Card To Venmo?

If you want to add a visa gift card to Venmo, then everything is quite simple. You only need to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Open the Venmo app and click on the hamburger icon (or the persons icon for new version of the app) and you will be taken to the menu.
  2. Go to “settings” and click on “payment methods” in the list of suggested options.
  3. Click on “add a bank or card” and then choose “card” to add the gift card. After that, enter the gift card details, such as expiration date, 16-digit number, etc.,

If you need a zip code, then you can use the one you entered when registering and activating the card on the website with the address.

So, after the card is successfully added, it will appear in the “payment methods” section, after which you will be able to use it. Thus, as you can see, adding a gift card to Venmo is as simple as possible.