Depending on what you are interested in, the types of activities can be different. These include going to the library, listening to podcasts, having a picnic, learning to knit, and more.

How often have you caught yourself thinking that you have nothing to do with yourself? Fortunately, you are not alone, as a lot of people don’t know what to do on weekend. Don’t worry, as now there are a lot of fun things to do that are free. Check out the list of 20 free activities you can do.

20 things to do without money

As already mentioned, there is a huge amount of free activities and entertainment. Pay attention to the proposed ones, for sure at least one of them will be of interest to you.

  1. Visit your local library. If you enjoy reading but don’t want to stay at home with a book on a day off, going to the library can be a great option for you. Moreover, now the libraries also host film screenings, quizzes, book clubs and so on. Also, most often you can even use a computer there for your needs.
  2. Learn to bake a cake or bread. If you want to stay at home, you can discover some new recipe. Try to bake a cake or bread for your family.
  3. Listen to podcasts. Many people find reading boring, but a podcast can be much more entertaining. Now there are a huge number of podcasts on various topics from sports to art, so everyone can find something interesting.
  4. Learn to knit. If you enjoy making things with your own hands, then knitting is a good option for you. Study the video on YouTube in order to understand how to get started!
  5. Learn to swim. If your city has a river, lake or sea, then you can swim and improve your body shape. There are a lot of water sports, from surfing to diving, so you can find what you love.
  6. Visit a museum or zoo. Almost every city has a free museum or zoo that you can visit on weekends.
  7. Learn to paint. Ever wanted to create a masterpiece? There are a huge number of lessons on YouTube that will help you quickly draw a picture, even if you do not have a lot of materials.
  8. Arrange a movie screening with friends. If you want to hang out with your friends but don’t know what to do, then a movie screening may be the perfect option. After all, what could be better than a comedy and popcorn sleepover on Saturday night?
  9. Go on a picnic. You don’t have to spend money to go on a picnic – call your friends, take everything in the fridge and go to nature!
  10. Try yoga. If you’ve had a hard work week then yoga can be a great option to help you relax your mind and keep fit.
  11. Rearrange the house. Sometimes we get tired of being monotonous, so try to look at your home differently. Throw away some things and do a rearrangement.
  12. Read the book. Surely you have at least one book at home that you dream of reading but do not find the time – it has come!
  13. Do a kind deed. A sudden act of kindness will surely make you feel better. Buy a homeless person some food or shelter a kitten and you will feel better.
  14. Learn to play a musical instrument. If you have an old guitar or piano at home, then it’s time to open YouTube and start playing.
  15. Start learning a foreign language. Each of us at least once thought that it would be good to learn a foreign language. If you have time, start now!
  16. Start a journal. Writing down your thoughts can help you avoid stress and release negative emotions.
  17. Visit a hobby club. If your city has a club of artists or poets, it’s time to visit it and meet new people!
  18. Become a volunteer. If you like helping people, study what organizations operate in your city and become a volunteer.
  19. Go hiking. If you own a tent, a night under the stars can be the perfect free weekend getaway.
  20. Visit your relatives. As we age, we see less and less our relatives, although they will not live forever. Use your free day to spend time with your family.