First of all, it is recommended to politely ask the person for the money that he owes. If for some reason he does not have the opportunity to return them, then perhaps you can ask for some kind of service or thing instead of debt.

Surely everyone at least once in their life has lent money to a close friend or relative. Of course, each of us may face a difficult life situation and need funding, so it is our moral duty to help. However, sometimes weeks and months go by and the person does not return the debt to you. How to ask someone for money without sounding rude? Of course, this can be difficult, but first of all you must remember that it is not you who are wrong in this situation, but the person who does not repay the debt. So what can you do? How to ask for money nicely?

Ways to ask for money owed

So, if you have already found yourself in a similar situation and do not know how to politely ask for payment from a friend, explore several options that may help you.

  1. Ask as politely as possible.

Of course, most people feel uncomfortable when they need to ask for their money back. However, remember that it is your friend who put you in such an uncomfortable position. If he didn’t want you to feel uncomfortable, he would have repaid the debt on time. Thus, you should not get too hung up on how to ask for money.

Of course, you want to ask for your money as politely as possible, so instead of “return the money” you can use such a phrase as “now I have a little financial difficulty, will it be convenient for you to repay my debt please?” to reduce the awkwardness between you. Thus, you will behave politely and carefully, and everything will be alright.

  1. Ask for a service.

If at the moment your friend or relative, for some reason, does not have the money and cannot return the debt to you, he may be able to do something else for you. If your friend is a lawyer, he can provide you with advice, if a hairdresser – he can make you a new haircut and so on.

  1. Exchange money for the thing you want

Another option that can help you is exchange. If your friend has something that is worth the equivalent of the amount you borrowed, then it might be a good one for you. Of course, it is important to make sure that the cost of the debt and the thing is the same, otherwise it can also provoke an unpleasant situation.

  1. Mention debt in casual conversation.

As you know, most often people borrow money in order to cover certain expenses. So if a friend borrowed money from you, for example, to buy a new lawn mower, then you might inadvertently ask, “By the way, how is the new lawn mower? Things are good?” Thus, you will let him know that you still remember about the debt but will not be intrusive. In most cases, the person himself will talk about a debt when you ask such a question.

  1. Refuse to spend time together

Another interesting option that can help you is the rejection of joint activities. Imagine a situation: your friend calls you to a movie or a cafe, but you answer him “I’m sorry, but I don’t have money now” or “I can’t afford it yet, I’m waiting for my salary.” In this situation, the person most likely pay you back, since most often debtors remember their debts. Moreover, if your friend himself called you to go somewhere, then now his situation is not so bad and he has the opportunity to return the debt to you.

Thus, as you can see, there are several options that can help you politely hint that you want to get your money back. Also, you can always honestly talk to your friend and explain to him that now you need this money for your needs.