In order to earn a six-figure salary, you must pay attention to lucrative professions such as a doctor or lawyer, as well as those that are gaining popularity, such as a blogger.

What is 6 figures and what is life like with a six-figure income?

Almost every American dreams of having a six-figure account balance as it is associated with a wealthy lifestyle, luxury homes, expensive cars, and endless summer. However, this lifestyle will soon not leave you a penny, as it is greatly overrated.

A big six-figure salary sounds like the American dream, but more often than not, it’s not true. If you start spending your salary on a rich life, then very soon you will become addicted to it, spend all your money and fall into a circle of debt from which it will be very difficult to get out.

While you may have a fairly large income, this lifestyle can force you to spend everything and live paycheck to paycheck. The fact is that many people confuse wealth and income, which is why they face difficulties when they receive a large amount of money. Income is money that you regularly receive into your bank account on payday, and wealth is money that you accumulate and increase over time. Thus, wealth is maintained even if you have no income, but income can help you increase your wealth.

Six figure job – what options do I have?

Of course, if you have always wanted to earn a lot, then, first of all, you should consider highly profitable professions. In order to get any of them, you have to work for many years, so it is recommended to choose a profession while still in school. Some of the most lucrative professions today are doctors and lawyers, but even their salaries are very different. For example, a doctor earns about $ 200,000 while a lawyer earns about $ 100,000. However, remember that you should not choose a profession only based on income, since only by having a passion for what you do, you can achieve great success.

However, not all people who receive a six-figure salary choose these professions. Some are starting to study financial literacy and do business. However, in order to become a good businessman, you need to have deep knowledge in some industries, get along well with people and be an excellent leader, which is not given to everyone.

Also now such a profession as a blogger is very popular. You can take photos for Instagram, record videos for YouTube, or even create your own show. However, you probably understand that everything is not so simple, and you need a good team, equipment, and new ideas that no one had before.

What factors can affect getting a six-figure salary?

Surely you understand that there are a huge number of factors that can affect your salary (even if you do not talk about the type of profession you have chosen). Sometimes circumstances also affect the amount you can receive.

Place of residence

Of course, the cost of living is very different depending on where you live. If you like cities like New York, Los Angeles, or San Francisco, you surely understand that the cost of living there is one of the highest in the entire country. Thus, even if you receive a large salary but live in a city where rent, utility bills, etc. are very expensive, you will be able to save less. Therefore, it is recommended to look for high-income jobs in cities with lower living standards.

Your skill

Many people who already have a fairly large salary do not want to develop and increase their knowledge. In fact, the more knowledge you have in your field, the more difficult it is to replace you. Thus, you must constantly compete with yourself and improve your skills in order to get the income you dream about.


Sometimes it is the lack of tenacity that prevents people from achieving success, so they give up when they are already close enough to the finish line. However, before you fight for a six-figure salary, ask yourself the question