Do not work with companies that offer you the creation of a new credit identity, as there is no such concept and these actions are illegal. Also, do not use the CPN as a social security number and do not pay for any services in advance.

What Is A CPN?

Recently, more and more people are wondering what is a CPN number. CPN (a credit privacy number) is a nine-digit identifying number that is similar to a social security number. More often than not, companies sell CPN to people with bad credit and claim that they can be used instead of a social security number in loan applications. Thus, they say that CPN is sort of a path to new credit history.

CPN can also be known as credit profile number, consumer profile number or credit protection number. If you want to buy CPN and think that it will solve all your problems, you are wrong.

What’s Wrong With CPN?

First of all, you should understand that CPN is nothing more than a scam, so you shouldn’t buy it anyway. You should note that some of the CPNs sold were dormant social Security numbers belonged to children.

Thus, by purchasing CPN from companies that guarantee you that it can be used instead of SSN, you run the risk of becoming a participant of identity theft and even going to jail. It is illegal to use CPN as a social security number. What’s more, companies selling CPN may also ask you to get a driver’s license with a different address, get a new email address, and change your phone number. Thus, CPN is one big lie that will lead you to unpleasant consequences.

What Is A CPN Number Used For?

Many people want to know why CPNs exist at all when they cannot be used instead of a social security number. At the moment, CPNs exist because the U.S. The Privacy Act allows people to pin down their Social Security number (when not required by federal law). You are most likely aware that federal law does not require a Social Security number in order for borrowers to apply for a loan. However, CPNs are still illegal and cannot replace a social security number.

As you know, lenders use a social security number to get some information about the person they want to lend money to. Thus, it helps them understand that the right person is in front of them. However, in addition to the social security number, lenders often ask for a phone number and address. That is why companies selling CPNs want this information to be changed.

How Can I Avoid CPN Scam?

Of course, in a difficult life situation, people often look for quick funding for their needs and do not notice that this or that offer may be deceiving. Of course, anyone wants to find the easiest and fastest way to solve their problems, but it is important to have common sense and understand the consequences of buying CPN. So how can you avoid a CPN scams?

  • If you see a company that offers you a “new credit identity”, be sure that you are dealing with scammers. Not only does there not exist such a concept, but it would also be illegal anyway.
  • You should also be aware that many companies on the Internet will ask you to apply for an Employer Identification Number only so that you can use it in place of your Social Security number. You should note that although the EIN is legal, you still cannot use it as your social security number.
  • If the company asks you to pay for something before the services, these are also scammers. You shouldn’t pay for anything in advance, as most likely scammers will simply hide with your money.
  • Remember that no matter how difficult your situation is, buying CPN is illegal, so you run the risk of getting into trouble with the law and even going to jail.