Yes, Walgreens has a cashback limit of $ 20 per transaction. You can get cash back at Walgreens stores with a minimum purchase of $ 0.01. If you want to get $ 40 cashback, then you will have to make 2 separate transactions.

Of course, a bank or credit union is a great solution when you need to withdraw cash. Thus, anytime you need money you can come to in-network ATMs and get $ 5, $ 50, or even $ 100 without paying extra fees. However, why do people want to get $ 5 or $ 10 cashback at Walgreen when there are ATMs nearby where they can also withdraw $ 10?

For most people, the main reason for cashback is convenience. There are many reasons why people cannot come to the nearest ATM – some of them have a busy work schedule, some cannot spend money on gasoline, and some are busy with a lot of other things after work. Thus, getting a cash back at Walgreens would be a great way for many people to avoid the extra trip to the bank.

So, does Walgreen do cashback?

If you want a short answer, then yes. Walgreen’s stores offer cashback if you shop with a debit card up to $ 20 per transaction. However, please note that there is one thing you should pay attention to – you must make the minimum purchase in order to be able to get cashback at Walgreens. However, do not worry, as Walgreen will return cashback for any purchase that costs as little as $ 0.01. Thus, you can visit the store and buy something insignificant in order to get $ 5, $ 10, or even $ 20 cashback.

So, for many people, Walgreen is a great way to avoid ATM withdrawal fees and save them time and gas it takes to get to the bank. Of course, you still need to buy something in the store in order to get a cashback, however, regarding out-of-network ATM fees (or the amount you spend on gasoline to get to the bank), this is an absolutely insignificant waste.

However, please note that Walgreens doesn’t give cash back on a personal check, gift cards purchases (like American Express), and credit cards. Thus, make sure you have a debit card before heading to Walgreens and getting cashback. Another important thing to remember is that you cannot get cashback on your Walgreens Balance Rewards or at the pharmacy if your insurance covers 100% of the cost. Therefore, pay attention to these details before heading to Walgreens.

How does Walgreens’ cashback work?

As already mentioned, Walgreens gives cashback only when paying with a debit card, however, in order to receive it, you must spend at least $ 0.01 in the store in order to be eligible to receive Walgreens cashback. Please note that you can get $ 5, $ 10, or $ 20 cashback per transaction. But how exactly does cash back at Walgreens work?

Quite simply, let’s look at an example. Let’s say you want to get $ 10 cashback. In order to do this, you can make a small purchase for example $ 1. This way, your cashback and purchase amount will be charged as a single $ 11 purchase from your debit card. After that, the cashier will return you $ 20 cashback.

The only drawback to which you need to pay attention is that you are limited to a maximum amount of $ 20 cashback per transaction. So, if you want $ 40 cashback, you’ll have to make two separate purchases at Walgreens. Yes, this can be somewhat inconvenient, but sometimes it is the only solution, especially if there is no in-network ATM nearby. Also note that in most Walgreens stores, you can find an ATM right next to the checkout counter. If it is by the bank of your bank, then you will not be charged a commission.

Important! Please be aware that not all payment methods are accepted at for cash back at Walgreens. Stores do not provide cashback for credit cards, checks, and gift cards. Only if you have a debit card are you eligible for cashback at Walgreens.

What are the Walgreens cashback amounts?

All Walgreen stores provide cash backs of $ 5, $ 10, or $ 20. Thus, the maximum amount of cashback you can receive at Walgreens is $ 20 per transaction. Also note that Walgreens allows you to receive cashback in coins, bills, or a combination of both.

Also, note that Walgreens does not charge any cashback fees. All you need to get $ 20 cashback is to make a minimum purchase of $0.01 using a debit card. Remember also that you will need to make two separate purchases to be eligible to get the $ 40 cashback. However, you can also use the ATM near the checkout counter at most Walgreens stores to withdraw cash.

Do Walgreens shops have cash back limits?

Yes, Walgreens has a cashback limit of $ 20 per one transaction. You can get cashback for free at Walgreens stores if you make a minimum purchase of at least $ 0.01. However, if you want to get $ 40 cashback then you will have to make 2 separate purchases.

Please note that you can get $ 5, $ 10 or $ 20 in any form – moments, bills, or a combination of both.